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Twin Gear

Being a mother of twins, I have used a lot of different products for babies and twins that I have loved- and some that I have not loved. The following products on this page are ones that I recommend and that I use myself! 

Stroller grows from single to double with no tools or extra parts needed. Featuring a unique slide and lock system expands frame to accommodate a second toddler or infant seat. There are also up to 22 configurations - this unique design accommodates one or two riders. Infants and children can sit at various heights, upright or reclined, in both parent-facing and forward-facing modes. It can also be an infant car seat!

This is necessary to complete the set with the stroller above when you have twins!

These are amazing because at least one twin can drink their milk alone or in the rocker.  Otherwise it kills you to have 2 arms raised feeding both at same time (and its best to have them feed on same schedule!)

Great to have them close to each other when they first came home from the hospital. They are comfy bassinets!  And they convert to a play yard when they are a bit older and you move them to cribs.

These are great because you can strap them in and they can rock themselves when they are just a few months old.  Some even vibrate to soothe them.

My twins ate, slept, watched baby TV and sat outside the bathroom when I took a shower in this.  It was great too because I could bathe one while the other was in this rocker. My kids basically lived in these things for awhile! 


They come in tons of colors and styles both for girls & boys! They are very light so you can carry them in car if you're going to someone's house to visit.

Many companies make these blankets and the prices vary, but I love these in particular. They are soooo versatile!

I used them to swaddle, to cover the bassinet and stroller when outside to protect my twins from the sun and the wind, I used them as padding in cribs because they are breathable so there is no risk of suffocating! My kids still love them as blankets today. 

They work great for travel because they can be rolled up into small packages and used on airplanes, trains, and really wherever.  I also send them to preschool as blankets for their naps.  

These are the best bibs if you have a baby who drools like crazy!  Really protects the clothes underneath from being soaked. They stand up to washings, they don't wrinkle up, and there are nice colors. Plus they snap in the back (not Velcro - which sticks to everything in the wash and kids can easily remove Velcro bibs themselves).  The snaps work better for sure! These were my absolute favorite bibs. 

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