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Twin Mom hacks for busy parents

If you have twins, you are busy! We all need some shortcuts or hacks to help us manage twins and keep things running as smoothly as possible. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned over the past few years to help move things along and save a precious few minutes of time each day.

Just getting out the front door each morning to take the twins to preschool is stress-inducing at our house. The one thing that really throws a wrench into our timely departure is finding shoes. My solution is having a storage bin for Isabella and another Alex right inside the front door. When they come inside, I remind them that their shoes must go into the bin. This way, their shoes are readily available in the morning and you won’t spend time searching for the 1 lost shoe on your way out.

Getting my twins who are now 4 to bathe is a huge pain. They try to procrastinate every single day and I constantly hear the refrain of “5 more minutes mom!” When I finally get them in the tub it gets worse: they think this is a new play area & I can’t get them OUT of the tub! Go figure. My shortcut for getting the evening brushing done quickly is brushing their teeth in the bath or shower. I do it myself instead of having them do it and give them each a cupful if cold water to rinse after. For us, it beats extending getting ready for bed each night.

I’m fortunate that the kids’ preschool provides lunch, however my daughter is so picky she refuses to eat most of the foods they serve. A few days each week I simply toss a frozen PB&J sandwich in her lunchbox and it thaws in time for her lunch. Isabella loves the Smuckers “Uncrustables” sandwiches. They come individually wrapped and in a variety of flavors, like Grape, Strawberry, Reduced calorie Grape on whole wheat, and peanut butter and honey, among others. I buy them in large 18 packs at Costco. They are a huge timesaver! Another lunch idea is freezing a go-gurt the night before and toss one of these in the lunch as well- it thaws in time for lunch and you can be comfortable the yogurt isn’t getting warm before lunch.

If you have young twins you know how fast they outgrow shoes. If you see shoes a size or two larger than their current size on sale, buy them since they will eventually be able to wear them. Just make sure you keep them somewhere you’ll remember so you can find them in a few months! I generally only buy tennis shoes or shoes that can be worn in both summer and winter since you want to be careful not to buy cute winter boots in a size that wont fit during the colder months.

Sofia is mom to Isabella and Alexander, age 4, a lawyer, and a twin mom blogger.

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