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More planning for your twin’s arrival when you’re going it alone.

After you’ve considered where you’ll live and how you will get around with your babies the next things to think about are childcare, your birth plan and who will be with you during delivery and immediately after bringing home the babies.

It's easier to look for childcare early. Try not to wait until your twins arrive.


If you’re planning to return to work after #maternity leave or planning to work from home its best to start looking for a #nanny or #childcare center while you’re #pregnant. If you wait until the twins arrive to start looking you may miss out on a daycare center you really like because of waiting lists and screening and interviewing nannies is more difficult when you’re juggling the #newborns.

If you can afford it having a nanny come to your home and care for the twins is easier for you – no dropping off and picking up each day and a nanny can have them bathed and fed when you get home from work. A nanny can also take care of the twins if one or both become ill whereas a daycare center will send a sick infant or child home immediately. Many childcare centers have policies that require a sick child stay home for an extra day before returning and some even require a doctor’s note to return. Your twins will also receive more personalized care with a nanny.

If a nanny isn’t possible or you prefer a #daycare setting, check for the minimum age the center will admit infants and go visit more than once to get a real feel for how the center operates and whether you feel comfortable leaving your precious bundles with them each day. Talk to the people who will be caring for your babies and see what the area they will be in is like. Before you make a deposit be sure to review the parent handbook for the center’s policies- these can vary greatly. Ask questions NOW, and don’t worry if you think they are silly or too detailed.


I’ll write more on this in detail but go over your #birth plan and all questions you have with your doctor and the people who will be with you during delivery. In the event you are too exhausted or stressed you want to make sure your wishes are communicated to the hospital staff.


Whoever you choose to be with you should be someone you trust and are close to. Make sure that person is not too far from you and the hospital since twin pregnancies are typically unpredictable and you don’t want your support system to have to get on a plane at the last minute to meet you in the #delivery room.

I learned this the hard way as I was certain I wouldn’t deliver too early . . . I assured my Mom she should go on the Caribbean vacation my parents had planned, and sure enough, my twins arrived very early. My parents couldn’t get back in time, so they missed the whole thing!

My personal suggestion is to choose someone who has gone through labor. Only someone who has been in the same position as you’ll be in can really relate to what you’ll be going through. If your choice is someone who hasn’t experienced childbirth, then you should include them in #childbirth classes if possible, or at least discuss how unpredictable twin #deliveries can be.

Keep in mind, have a backup person to call on in case your primary person can’t make it for whatever reason. Again – twin #pregnancies are unpredictable, and you could deliver very early or right on time.

Finally, remember you're not alone; and if you are feeling like you are contact me and schedule a free consultation. I'm here to help you feel prepared and stress free, so you can enjoy all the wonders of becoming a mother to twins!

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