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Our Story

Sofia Yassin

Expert Twin Advisor and Consultant
Sofia Yasin family

When I was pregnant with my twins a few years ago I quickly realized there was an overwhelming amount of information available about pregnancy and parenting in general, but much of it was not applicable to me as a parent-to-be of twins.


My goal is to help support all types of twin parents and families with practical tools, real-world advice, and emotional support during pregnancy and throughout infancy and toddlerhood.


Knowing what to expect and having coping strategies for those difficult times can make the difference between being overwhelmed and being confident. ​


I want to help provide:

Practical Advice You Can Actually Use



Clear, straightforward, practical advice to address the specific challenges that come with raising twins.  My goal is to cut through all the clutter and give parents and parents-to-be of twins clear, simple advice based on my actual experience.


Advice Tailored to Your Needs



What works for families with 2 parents won't necessarily work for a single parent of twins.  There is no one-size-fits-all technique for everyone and I will take that into account to provide advice to your specific needs.

I started out as an attorney

After trying to become pregnant for a number of years

I was finally blessed with twins

After many sleepless, exhausting nights I was determined to find a better way to help other parents of twins

I decided to leave the law

 and TwinSavvy was born

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